Antibody Ordering & Catalog


This link contains a copy of the Catalog below.  If you need to download a copy, click on "File" then "Download as" from the Google menu.

Purified antibody

•    1mg minimum order
•    1mg aliquots at 1mg/mL concentration
•    All purified antibodies preps are sterile in PBS with low endotoxin levels and no azide
•    Bulk antibody pricing is no longer available.

Conjugated antibody

•    FITC and Biotin labeled antibody preps sold in aliquots of 0.2mg per vial
•    All other dyes, AlexaFluor, DyLight, etc., sold in aliquots of 0.1mg per vial
•    All conjugated antibodies are in PBS with BSA, glycerol and azide.