Antibody Ordering & Catalog

If you do not have a MyCores Account, please click HERE before proceeding any further.  

For those that have a MyCores account, it's best to look through the catalog below first and note the MyCores Item Number (column highlighted in yellow).  To search, use your web browser's Find command (Mac users, use Apple Button F, Windows users, use Control F).  The top of the catalog will have the various formats of antibody under the MyCores ordering system.  Once you know what you want, logon and order here through MyCores.  If you need detailed instructions for ordering through MyCores, go here.

This link contains a copy of the Catalog below.  If you need to download a copy, click on "File" then "Download as" from the Google menu.

Purified antibody

•    1mg minimum order
•    1mg aliquots at 1mg/mL concentration
•    All purified antibodies preps are sterile in PBS with low endotoxin levels and no azide
•    Bulk antibody pricing is no longer available.

Conjugated antibody

•    FITC and Biotin labeled antibody preps sold in aliquots of 0.2mg per vial
•    All other dyes, AlexaFluor, DyLight, etc., sold in aliquots of 0.1mg per vial
•    All conjugated antibodies are in PBS with BSA, glycerol and azide.