UCSF Monoclonal Antibody Core Contact List

Who to Contact?

For general questions, consultations, account setup, billing, feedback, or anything else, please contact Michael Lee.

Tomoko Kakegawa-Peech


Tomoko Kakegawa-Peech

Flow Cytometry/Antibody Assistant

Room:  S854A

Email:  Tomoko.KakegawaPeech@ucsf.edu

Lab Phone:  415-502-2335

Contact me about: Ordering and Inventory



Svetlana KrausSvetlana Kraus

Flow Cytometry/Antibody Assistant

Room:  S854A

Email:  Svetlana.Kraus@ucsf.edu

Lab Phone:  415-502-2335

Contact me about: Ordering and Inventory



Michael-Lee-1Michael Lee

Monoclonal Antibody Core Director

Room: HSW1102

Mail Box Code: 0540

Email: Michael.Lee@ucsf.edu

Phone/Text: 415-430-7676


Contact me about: General Questions, Account Setup, Experimental Design & Analysis, Billing, Feedback, or anything else. 


Faculty Advisory Board

Lewis Lanier